Wanted: Your Best Poultry Recipes

We want your poultry recipes for the  Duncan’s Poultry cookbook!
 Do you have a favorite way to cook chicken? Do your family and friends request that you make a certain poultry recipe? Do you have a yummy recipe for turkey salad or chicken pot pie? Do you know the best way to cook a goose, pheasant, duck or quail? Submit your best poultry recipes for the first ever Duncan’s Poultry cookbook.
Here is everything you need to know:
1.Submit up to five (5) recipes by email to or mail your recipes to: Duncan’s Poultry Recipes, 2947 Ogden Ave, Missouri Valley, IA 51555.
2.Make sure your name is included in the email or with your recipes so youreceive credit for them in the cookbook.
3.Recipes will be accepted until November 30th, 2018. The cookbooks will be for available for sale in 2019.
4.All submitters will be entered for a chance to win a free copy of thecookbook.
Tell your friends! Together we will make the best poultry cookbook available!
P.S. Please visit ou…

Time to Plan for Spring

As the days get longer, the cold winter evenings get shorter and my list of things to do this spring/summer continues to grow. Even though our weather shows no sign of spring, spring is on its way. Do you know how I know? Well, I live with a meteorologist who assures me spring is coming again. Putting that aside, I know spring is coming because every day I walk to the mailbox and I discover a seed catalog or baby poultry catalog waiting for me. Those catalogs are a sign of great possibilities.

Are you curious what is on my spring/summer list?I have three big outdoor items on my list  and a lot of little things. The main items are: 1. Raise meat bird chickens for my family, 2. Plant an extensive vegetable garden and 3. Help my son plant a butterfly garden.
Since our family relies on our home grown poultry to fill our freezer and our tummies, it is time for me to calculate exactly how many chickens we have left and how many we need to raise. Thankfully, I married one of the owners of D…

2018 Poultry Season Starting Soon!

It seems like the world has sure been busy lately…okay maybe not the whole world, just our little piece of the world at Duncan’s Poultry.As we look forward to our 2018 season, let’s stop to look back for just a moment at 2017.

Last year we celebrated 30 years in business! We were happy to celebrate our anniversary with so many of you, our customers and our friends. Thank you for supporting our family business!

In October of 2017, we attended our first Mother Earth Fair as an exhibitor. We met so many wonderful people! 

Also, new in 2017 we started our own line of feeders and nesters. They are manufactured locally in Omaha, Nebraska.  And the final highlight from 2017, was the ice cold lemonade available on the hottest days of July. Okay....maybe this isn't note worthy when the temperatures are below 0 and we still have to wear coats and hats, but it sure seemed like a highlight in July!

As we prepare for our 31st season and dream of spring, we invite you to browse our website at…

Duck, Duck, Goose. No. Goose, Goose, Goose!

Have you ever thought about owning a goose as a pet? I never knew what a great pet they could be until I met The Big Goose.  
About ten years ago, just outside our little house, which is now the old time country store (You can read about it here.), there lived a goose. She was fondly named, “The Big Goose”.  The Big Goose would lay her eggs beside the front door. She would sit on that nest and every time someone came in or out of the house she would squawk to protect her nest. Not only was she a great mother, she was an even better watch goose. There was no need to worry about an intruder being undetected day or night. The Big Goose was on alert.

Not only are Geese great pets because they serve as a watch goose, geese also make great pets because if they have the proper care, they live for a long time. The Big Goose was a pet around Duncan’s Poultry for over 20 years!

If you get your gosling when it is young, it can imprint with you. Basically this means that the goose will bond with …

Taking Pix of Chicks

Over the weekend, the weather was perfect. It was warm, breezy but not windy and the sun was shining. I decided it was the perfect afternoon for a photo shoot with the chickens. I started with the little ones. I soon discovered that it was easier said than done!

If you decide to photograph your little chicks you might want an extra set of hands. The chicks were so active it was hard keeping them in the photo area.

I also discovered what it is like to be given the cold shoulder.

Finally I was able to shoot this photo, showing this little guys true personality. 
Next I moved on to the layer coop to see what kinds of pictures I could capture. One of the hens was excited to be a model. She strutted her stuff up the runway. 

She strutted her stuff down the runway too.

The next time you find yourself with nothing to do on a warm and sunny day, grab your camera and head to the coop! You may find that chickens big and small can be fun to photograph. 
If you take a photo and want to share it, …

First Baby Chick Day

Our first baby chick day of March has arrived. It is a happy day for me because baby chicks mean that spring is just around the corner. Whether you purchase chicks every year or you have never held one, I invite you to experience a first chick day with me. I grew up on the farm, but we did not have chickens. The only experience I had with baby chicks prior to Duncan’s Poultry was looking at them in the tanks at big box feed stores. All of that changed when I experienced my first “chick day” at Duncan’s Poultry. It was spring of 2006. (Matt and I were dating.)  He led me into the feed store and before me were boxes and boxes of baby chicks. Being new to the baby chick world, I just had to touch one. I remember timidly opening the box. Inside were bright yellow balls of fuzz. I quickly shut the lid not wanting to be responsible for one escaping out of the box.  Matt came to my rescue. He opened the box, picked one up, and handed it to me. The sweet little chick was mine to hold. There …

Meat Chickens: Cornish Rock Broilers, Red Ranger or Fry Pan Special?

Fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken pot pie. There are so many ways to cook chicken. Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of meat chicken you should be buying or growing? There are options!  Three options are the Cornish rock broiler, the red ranger or the fry pan special. Of course there are benefits and drawbacks to each of these and so we are going to help you navigate your way to find the best meat chicken.

The Cornish rock broiler is the most common meat production chicken. It is a fast growing chicken and the meat to feed conversion rate is good (This simply means that the amount of feed the chicken eats is efficiently converted into weight.), which also makes them economical. The broiler chicken is ready to process in about 6 to 7 weeks. With proper feed and nutrition it will dress out at 4.5 to 5 pounds.  One drawback of this breed is that it does not free range or pasture well. An advantage of raising Cornish rock broilers is that they are a cost efficient way to …