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Coming Soon!

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and it is my honor to welcome you to the Duncan’s Poultry blog. As you can tell by the title, “Coming Soon” we are excited to share new things with you this year. We feel blessed to be opening for our 30th year of business and in order to celebrate we are starting our year with new beginnings. The largest of these is our new feed store which we fondly named Duncan’s Poultry Country Store. We are hoping to open the doors to the public in March. Do you want a sneak peek?  You got it!

Secondly, we are launching this blog. Each Wednesday I will be posting about raising poultry, acreage life, poultry recipes and so much more! Whether you enjoy raising poultry in an urban area, on an acreage, on a farm or simply in your dreams, we hope you will find a home with us.

So, grab a cup of your favorite tea, settle in to browse our e-store and meet me back here next Wednesday, to catch a sneak peek of the inside of Duncan’s Poultry Country Store.