Let’s Garden Indoors

If you live on the farm, on an acreage or even in the city there IS something that you can do today to prepare for Spring. You can make plans! You can plan which layers you want to put into your chicken coop this spring (Check out last week's article for our top 3 picks by clicking here. ), you can plan what your chicken coop is going to look like, you can plan your home improvement projects and one of my favorites, you can plan your garden.

The seed catalogs started arriving in my home the end of December. I couldn't wait. I looked over catalog after catalog making lists of the seeds I would like to have in our garden. Then on February 1st, I placed all of my seed orders. The last couple of weeks seeds have been arriving at our house.

Well, this past weekend I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was anxious to spend time playing in the dirt, planting. I gathered up my seeds, the soil and the seed starting trays and I dug in. As the earthy smell of the potting soil soothed my soul, my hands worked the soil into the trays.

The next step was planting and labeling the seeds. (This year I took a picture of the seed labels so even if a little gremlin moves the tags around, I will still be able to identify my veggies.)

After watering, the seeds were moved to their new home under the grow light.

Since my garden is planned and my seedlings are started, I guess the only planning I have left for the garden is to figure out a way to keep our flock of geese from nibbling on the delicious produce I am envisioning on the vines.

Stop back next week as I share tips on planning the perfect chicken coop.

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