Reclaimed Materials are at the Heart of Our Country Store

Welcome back! I know you are here to see the inside of Duncan’s Poultry Country Store, but before I give you the sneak peek that I promised, I want to share the brief story of our new Country Store with you.

Our “new” Country Store is actually made of a lot of old. Most of the materials for the store are reclaimed and at the center of it all is an old house with a lot of fond memories. (Next time you are out, ask any one of the Duncan’s for a pleasant memory of the old house. We all have them!) With our renovations the old house is gone and in its place stands a wonderfully homey, yet rustic, old fashioned country store.

Are you curious what types of materials have been used to turn “this old house” into Duncan’s Poultry Country Store? 

We have used reclaimed telephone poles, rusty old tin, not rusty but still old tin, wide barn boards, narrow barn boards, blue mason jars and so much more.

So there you have it, a sneak peek of the inside of Duncan’s Poultry Country Store. We can't wait to give you the full tour! So, in the meantime, how about one more picture of the outside!


  1. Looks good! My daughter and I will hopefully be down this Saturday to buy some baby turkeys...take care!


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