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Time to Plan for Spring

As the days get longer, the cold winter evenings get shorter and my list of things to do this spring/summer continues to grow. Even though our weather shows no sign of spring, spring is on its way. Do you know how I know? Well, I live with a meteorologist who assures me spring is coming again. Putting that aside, I know spring is coming because every day I walk to the mailbox and I discover a seed catalog or baby poultry catalog waiting for me. Those catalogs are a sign of great possibilities.

Are you curious what is on my spring/summer list?I have three big outdoor items on my list  and a lot of little things. The main items are: 1. Raise meat bird chickens for my family, 2. Plant an extensive vegetable garden and 3. Help my son plant a butterfly garden.
Since our family relies on our home grown poultry to fill our freezer and our tummies, it is time for me to calculate exactly how many chickens we have left and how many we need to raise. Thankfully, I married one of the owners of D…

2018 Poultry Season Starting Soon!

It seems like the world has sure been busy lately…okay maybe not the whole world, just our little piece of the world at Duncan’s Poultry.As we look forward to our 2018 season, let’s stop to look back for just a moment at 2017.

Last year we celebrated 30 years in business! We were happy to celebrate our anniversary with so many of you, our customers and our friends. Thank you for supporting our family business!

In October of 2017, we attended our first Mother Earth Fair as an exhibitor. We met so many wonderful people! 

Also, new in 2017 we started our own line of feeders and nesters. They are manufactured locally in Omaha, Nebraska.  And the final highlight from 2017, was the ice cold lemonade available on the hottest days of July. Okay....maybe this isn't note worthy when the temperatures are below 0 and we still have to wear coats and hats, but it sure seemed like a highlight in July!

As we prepare for our 31st season and dream of spring, we invite you to browse our website at…