Time to Plan for Spring

As the days get longer, the cold winter evenings get shorter and my list of things to do this spring/summer continues to grow. Even though our weather shows no sign of spring, spring is on its way. Do you know how I know? Well, I live with a meteorologist who assures me spring is coming again. Putting that aside, I know spring is coming because every day I walk to the mailbox and I discover a seed catalog or baby poultry catalog waiting for me. Those catalogs are a sign of great possibilities.

Are you curious what is on my spring/summer list?  I have three big outdoor items on my list  and a lot of little things. The main items are: 1. Raise meat bird chickens for my family, 2. Plant an extensive vegetable garden and 3. Help my son plant a butterfly garden.

Since our family relies on our home grown poultry to fill our freezer and our tummies, it is time for me to calculate exactly how many chickens we have left and how many we need to raise. Thankfully, I married one of the owners of Duncan’s Poultry and they are already accepting chick orders so I can get this wiped off my list rather quickly. (You can order online or call 712-644-2322 for the $.99 broiler and feed deal!)
Order Broiler Chick to Raise for My Family

The second item on my list is to plant an extensive vegetable garden. Usually by this time of year I already have my seeds ordered, the seedlings started and the layout planned for final planting. I don’t this year. Every time I look outside at the cold and dreary weather I convince myself that I still have time. But, I will be ordering my seeds soon. I have to. January was eat out of the freezer month and apparently we were all really hungry last month! I am going to try something new this year. I will be “winging” the placement of plants. No planning. I am just going to live in the moment and plant it. Wish me luck!
Dacha, Vegetable Garden, Harvest, Summer
Plant a Vegetable Garden
Lastly, my son wants a butterfly garden. We have been researching the best plants for butterflies. His interest was piqued last year when we had about 15 milkweed plants grown in our vegetable garden. We hoed and tilled around the plants all spring and about mid-summer our efforts were rewarded. We captured a caterpillar just forming it cocoon. We were lucky enough to watch it hatch into a beautiful butterfly. The kids loved every moment including watching it fly away. So, this year we want to have a safe place for the butterflies to eat and hopefully I will have more room for vegetables without the milkweed.  

Nature, Butterfly, Flower, Insect
Plant a Butterfly Garden
Looking back at my list, it appears that many of my spring/summer plans revolve around growing healthy food for my family. What do your spring/summer plans include? Leave a comment. 


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